Co Impact

A global collaborative for systems change, focused on improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our Vision and Approach

Co-Impact is a global philanthropic collaborative for systems change focused on improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

We believe collaboration is key to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. We’re bringing together philanthropists, social change leaders, governments, non-profits, and the private sector to collectively drive enduring impact.

Co-Impact is a partnership of results-oriented donors who want to give and learn together, and are pooling resources, networks, and expertise to drive lasting change at scale. Co-Impact will invest $500 million with the goals of advancing education, improving people’s health, and providing economic opportunity so that all people, no matter where they live, have a more hopeful future.

We are taking a systems change approach – improving individual lives by fundamentally addressing the broken systems that underlie social issues. Systems change engages the central actors associated with a social issue – local communities, nonprofits, governments, business, donors, and others – to work together, resulting in lasting impact at a scale beyond what any one actor could achieve alone.

Today, there are few effective mechanisms to match leaders looking to solve social issues at scale with the philanthropists interested in providing the right size and kinds of capital, and the partners needed to succeed. As a result, donors must invest significant time and resources to find, vet, and manage even one game-changing investment, and social change leaders must devote extraordinary time and energy to piecing together disparate and often insufficient funding.

We want to address these barriers to creating large-scale social change. Our systems change grants will be up to $50 million over several years, and will go to initiatives with proven leaders and results which are poised to scale even further. We will also offer support for things such as strategic planning, program management, technology, policy and advocacy, government relations, monitoring and evaluation, and leveraging additional funding.

We spent the last year conducting extensive due diligence and field research, and have been inspired by the many initiatives that are driving real results at the systems level. We plan to make our first set of systems change grants in the first half of 2018. We will continue to source additional opportunities and make more investments in the years to come.

Co-Impact’s initial core partners include Richard Chandler, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jeff Skoll, Dr. Romesh and Kathy Wadhwani, and The Rockefeller Foundation. In addition to its role as a core partner, The Rockefeller Foundation has incubated Co-Impact and will provide staff, significant operating funds, and ongoing strategic support.The EkStep Foundation, co-founded by Rohini and Nandan Nilekani, will serve as our technical partner.

We are excited to add core partners and co-investors in specific projects or geographies, and to create a community of additional philanthropists to learn and work along with us.

Olivia Leland, Managing Director at The Rockefeller Foundation and founding director of the Giving Pledge, is the founder of Co-Impact and will be Co-Impact’s CEO.

We are a network of philanthropists investing deeply and over the long-term in systems change to improve the lives of millions by advancing education, improving people’s health, and providing economic opportunity.

Co-Impact’s Unique Collaborative Model:

Co-Impact connects philanthropists and social change leaders from around the world who share a vision of driving change at scale

Co-Impact supports proven health, education, and economic opportunity initiatives that deliver enduring results for millions of people

Co-Impact leverages capital and non-financial resources by inviting others to join, co-invest, and learn alongside, to magnify the impact of systems change initiatives

Systems change improves people’s lives by bringing together the relevant actors – local communities, nonprofits, governments, business, donors, and others – to address broken systems and solve social problems at scale.

The Co-Impact Donor Group

Co-Impact spans three important, complementary donor groups:

  • Core Partners

    Define the strategy and select the opportunities Co-Impact will support

  • Co-Impact Community

    Join other philanthropists from around the world to connect, learn, and engage

  • Co-investors

    Co-invest on individual, high-impact opportunities, based on geographical or issue-specific interest

Core Partners and Leadership

  • Richard F. Chandler

    Core Partner
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  • Bill and Melinda Gates

    Core Partners
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  • The Rockefeller Foundation

    Core Partner
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  • Jeff Skoll

    Core Partner
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  • Dr. Romesh and Kathy Wadhwani

    Core Partner
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  • Rohini and Nandan Nilekani

    Technical Partners
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  • Olivia Leland

    Founder and CEO
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Selected Quotes from Key Stakeholders

  • “Partnerships between social change leaders, youth, women and communities are essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. If we want to improve people’s health and well-being, provide education and economic opportunities for all, we must scale up solutions. Co-Impact can make a meaningful contribution to building more peaceful and prosperous societies and creating a brighter future for all.”

    Amina J Mohammed

    Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations

  • “Given the scale and complexity of challenges in India, the government, private sector, and civil society are increasingly recognizing that they need to join forces to make a significant impact. At Dasra, we facilitate this collaboration by building new models for collective action and uniting diverse stakeholders on common platforms. We are enthusiastic that Co-Impact shares this approach, and our hope is that this approach of high-impact collaborative philanthropy will soon become widespread in India and other parts of the world.”

    Neera Nundy

    Co-Founder, Dasra

  • "To tackle the scale and scope of complex global problems, like access to healthcare, we must work collectively rather than individually. By working as collaboratives, today's implementers and investors have the opportunity to tackle some of the world's greatest social ills – at a scale that rivals the scope of the issues we're striving to solve. Indeed, the one billion people who lack access to care globally are relying on us to tackle problems to achieve long-term change."

    Raj Panjabi and Lisha McCormick

    Co-Founders and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Last Mile Health

  • “Social change leaders are often conditioned to “think small.” Every year, we try to fill our organization’s annual budget. But on rare occasion, visionary philanthropy challenges us to think bigger – to envision changing the whole system. Humanity’s greatest challenges are actually solvable, when organizations with practical and scalable solutions are linked with the transformative funding required to truly dream.”

    Andrew Youn

    Executive Director and Co-Founder, One Acre Fund

  • “Like the Giving Pledge, Co-Impact is a big idea for philanthropy. We need ways for philanthropists from around the world, including from China, to work together in driving large-scale results, and Co-Impact will provide this very important platform. The potential impact both for philanthropy and for people around the world is significant.”

    Wang Zhenyao

    Dean, China Global Philanthropy Institute

What We Fund

We look to support initiatives that are poised to achieve breakthrough results at a national or regional level. Rather than scaling the direct service work of individual NGOs, we support systems-change plans that are designed and executed with partners critical to long-term success at scale, including community groups, government, other NGOs, and the private sector.

We also look for initiatives that take a “societal platforms” approach to scaling – that is, they are building the shared, universal infrastructure that will allow their approach to be used by many others in diverse geographies and contexts, and are growing networks of partners that can amplify their methods. Many of these platforms may include a significant digital component.

We are not currently accepting unsolicited proposals but intend to open our process in the future.


We will consider different approaches that are:

  • Accelerating measurable impact on a widespread challenge critical to improving the lives of millions that currently lacks adequate investment and support
  • Anchored by a world-class organization or coalition with strong leadership and a track record of positive results
  • Integrating committed, high quality partners who are ready to act in a system and context ready for the changes proposed
  • Executing a sound strategy to achieve enduring results at scale
  • Demonstrating strong potential for long-term sustainability of impact and financing beyond Co-Impact support

Co-Impact is currently focused on providing grant funding to non-profit anchors, coalitions and partners (registered as US 501(c)(3) or other international charitable equivalents).

News and Information

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Co-Impact is a fiscally-sponsored project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity.